Friday, October 16, 2015

81 Years Young....

While in the kitchen this morning,,, puttering around the counter where my old mixer sits... it occurred to me,,, that the mixer was built/sold in 1934... the same year as my mom was born... oh my stars!  both are 81 years...young..
How many times have I dusted around it, peeked in the little book that came with it,, and yet never dawned on me, the year and (to me) significance.
But what was even more fun was re-reading the Warranty on the back...
 This is the manual that came with the mixer.
 I love how it was written in simple layman terms about how the warranty works...

"First go to your Dealer from whom you purchased the appliance; he can usually fix the trouble. If he can't, then write us fully, saying what the difficulty seems to be..."

Can you imagine  going to Macy's or Kmart with your non-operating mixer and having a clerk work on it there on the counter... lol!
Such were the simpler of times...


  1. Today most instructions you get with an item tell you NOT to take it back to the store where you bought it but send it back to the manufacturer. Your mom is a couple of years older than I am...and I do remember the Hamilton Beach mixers. My mother used one all the time. Coincidentally, we bought a Hamilton Beach microwave just the other day. It was 1/2 the price of one we bought before and I like it much better. :)

    1. and now the stores try to sell you 'warranties' with everything you buy.... uugh!

  2. Simpler times indeed....we are sounding old, you know!! Those were the days!!!

    1. Bev, just thing... in the near future our grandkiddos will be looking at our stuff and thinking Wow! How did we survive with the things in our!


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