Monday, January 25, 2016

Yep,, I am That Cat Lady!

Haha,,, I could be called a budding Cat Lady...
my (our) cats rule the roost! lol!
We have Peekaboo kitty and Dolly~girl,,, our two elderly indoor kitties... and we have adopted 3 out door kitties,,, Mamu, Kiki and Blackie(not in pictures)... they have the run of the garage,,, with their own beds and special perches and a  kitty door to come and go as they please... and yes, my car is covered in muddy paw prints... lol!
 L to R... Mamu and Kiki (both have been spayed and to our knowledge, have never had babies.)
 Mr Big's is a neighbor's kitty,, who comes to visit nap.
Kiki loves to play on my rag rug...
yep... she loves that rug...
Awe,,, the life of a Kat!


  1. I never had a cat of my own. When the barn cats had kittens, and Hubby complained that the younger two "never had a pet" I gave them each a kitten. One of them to this day, claims to be mine. He is always near me at the end of the day, and sleeps on my feet.

    1. Kristina,,, hubby and I jokingly say,,, when it's cold at night,,, just put another kitty on the bed... lol!

  2. Gracie, the Crazy Cat Lady!!! Don't worry, you're not alone!!! Love your kitties!!

    1. Bev, and that is why we are such great friends... hugz


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