Saturday, April 8, 2017

Our lil late in Life Fur Child...

Just when we thought we were free to hit the road and travel,,, we become fur parents all over again,,
Little Ginger who is now 2years old has adjusted to us and being the spoiled Princess in fur.
 yep, she is a real Seattle Seahawks fan.. from the green eyes, green toy and green blankie...
She is adorbs and she knows it!


  1. What a cutie but these little sweeties do put a damper on one's travel plans!

  2. She's beautiful. Looks like a real sweetie!

  3. Thanks for coming by the blog.

    I hope you and your new little one + family have a wonderful Easter.

  4. She's so small she can go with you wherever.....try mine though....a Rottweiller and it's a whole different story.....she will NOT fit in my purse...she barely fits in my SUV! LOL!


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