Monday, March 31, 2008

An other sewing machine!!!

Ok, so I am up to 9 sewing machines, & 1 mini serger.... 2 of the sewing machines are new machines, 1 is my grandma's treadle, one is my mom's old Elna from the early 1960's and the rest are wonderful vintage finds. One of these days I will line them all up and do a "group photo".

My newest one, my hubby & I came across this weekend at an antique shop that we happened by (on our way to pick up another antique chair at a different shop) long story short, we found this lovely 1950's? all metal Singer in it's mid-century modern style cabnet that someone had painted that antiquy aztec 1970's gold-yuck!...My hubby stripped the seat which turned out to be Black Walnut and the sewing cabnet is Mahagony... SCORE!!!!! and the machine sews lovely! I am so excited.
I am not sure about the circle/ring thingy-maybe to hold spools of thresd?

Hubby says I have my "quota" of vintage machines...we'll see!


  1. How awesome..what a treasure! I love the curvy lines of it :o) Can't wait to see it in it's natural beauty.

  2. Fabulous!! The Slant-O-Matic~You'll love it!! I've seen these go for $250 on Ebay. I've the 503 model and it sews through everything. hugs, B (and don't let up on your vintage sewing machine shopping!!!)

  3. What a beauty! I too love the curve of the cabinet. And you're right -- the plastic rack is for spools of thread. Do you have some old small wooden spools? Those would look -- and fit -- just right!

  4. That is nice! Of course we will need to see a picture when its been refinished. I don't think I have ever heard of anyone who collects sewing machines. You are the first.

  5. As I always can never have enough sewing machines. One happened to find it's way to my house this past, Grace, I am almost up to as many as you....but not quite!!

  6. It is so beautiful Grace! What a treasure ~ love those fine curves.

  7. Now Nancy Jo a farmgirl can't get too many sewing machines. Grace has me beat by one!! I found one last week that wanted to come home with me from the thrift store but I was afraid to try an sneak it in!!

    I love this one. It is in such a great cabinet!!

    Farm Girl 2


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