Monday, March 10, 2008

And The Winner Is!!!!

And the Winner is,,,, drum roll please...." lea of farm blessings "....

Congrats Lea, I will contact you via email to get your address to mail your little goodies....

I "talked" my darling & very good sport, hubby into putting on one of my aprons to get in the mood to draw a winning name from my vintage blue flower hat. I spent for ever trying to decide which hat to use!

Ok, I felt bad that only one name would be drawn so I had hubby draw one more name for a special surprize gift and that winner is ,,,,more drum roll,,,, "gafarmgirl". I'll contact you via email for your address too!

Enjoy the pics of hubby drawing the winning name and of my little Peekaboo guarding the prize.

Thanx to all who dropped me a comment on my post. I loved reading each and everyone. How some of you ladies came about your aprons is soooo awesome and heart warming. Thank you again for sharing those lovely stories.

Farm girl hugz to you all.


  1. Oh my goodness! Can you hear from me screaming with joy from here? I am just as excited as can be. Thank you so much.

    What a dear husband you have to don an apron for the occasion!

    Farmgirl blessings,

  2. ... and congratulations to GAfarmgirl, too! We are two very lucky girls!


  3. congratulations to the winners! the picture of your husband delighted me! To get my husband into an apron would be a real victory! I spent three years trying to get him to wear the reindeer sweater my mom sent him! when we finally did the picture has become a family heirlooom! have a wonderful day!

  4. YAY for Lea! What a great prize! That big fluffly kitty is too precious ( and i dont even like cats!) Her big pouty face is just too funny : ) And again, your husband is such a great model for your aprons...I CAN NOT stop laughing when I see that picture of him. What a good sport!!!

  5. Thank-you so much. Congrats Lea..
    Love the picture of Katmom's hubby in the apron and of Peekaboo too!

    I am so excited (jumping up and down excited) to win the special prize. Thanks again.

  6. Can you hear me giggling Gacie?! LOVE the picture of Gary wearing an APRON as he pulls a name out of a crystal bowl for the drawing!!! What a good sport he is! Anything for his sweet Gracie Girl! giggle, giggle! XO Maryjane Lee

  7. My gift package has arrived and is it a delight! I will be posting photos at my blog this week. Thank you so much, Grace! It certainly made my day ... my weekend ... my week ... well you get the point!

    Be blessed,

  8. Ooooooo.lucky ducky!!! Well, I guess I am just gonna have to buy the book!

  9. So glad for Lea! Such a deserving gal, too!!!!

    So glad I found your blog! I just love those aprons! I'm drooling!!!!! Would love to go shopping with you! My kind of gal!!!! Cora


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