Friday, February 29, 2008

Mini "Apronisms" Book Giveaway

It's time to share my good fortune.
I am having a drawing for author EllynAnne Geisel's latest and cutest book, "Apronisms".
This sweet little book is the perfect size to tuck into one's apron pocket.
The moment I received my little book, I immediately made myself a cup of tea, then snuggled on the sofa with my kitties, sipping tea and reading my sweet little book.
My favorite (ok so I have several) section in this book can be found on page 11, It's about "Grace" and "Sharing", so in the true sense of sharing, I am having this drawing to "share" my good fortune.

To have your name dropped into my "Vintage Hat" for the drawing just leave me a comment on my blog, telling me which of your aprons is your favorite.
On Monday, March 10th I will have my darling husband draw a name from my hat and I will post who the winner is. You do not have to be an apronista, or even own an apron to have your name entered. Just tell me about an apron that makes you smile!

To get to know more author EllynAnne Geisel, (The Apron Book) and to learn about her love of vintage aprons visit her blog at,
Thanks for stopping by and entering. Good luck!


  1. the apron i use all the time is one made with pretty country french fabric. i love the cheerful, bright colors! the aprons pictured on your blog are very pretty and elegant!

  2. My favorite apron (of the moment ;)) is one my sister made for me for my last B-Day. It's a full apron in a vintage kiddie print with kittens. hugs, B

  3. The apron I use alot is lime green w/ "vintage" pattern housewives.It is actually the first apron I made myself. Thanks Grace!

  4. Hi Grace,
    My favorite apron at the moment is my Bees Without Borders fabric apron. I wear it more than any others. It is made with the Bee print in pink and with the MaryJane Farmgirl pattern altered to allow a fuller skirt. It is comfortable. Until I made this one I wore a bright Halloween apron. I love bright colors!

  5. Grace!
    I don't know if I have a favorite apron at the moment. I am easily swayed in any direction when it comes to aprons, but I love the old fashioned full ones.

  6. My favorite apron at the moment is the one Bev made for me.. it is reversible and so

  7. Hey Gracie!!!!
    Can't wait to get together!!!! I have ridiculously way too many aprons! But right now my favorite is a vintage one that I got from Kentucky Frannie!!! Hugs and Thanks!

  8. I have so many aprons from my mom, my grandma, my sister...we all make them for each other! My favorite is the newest one I have that My mom made for me and she had all of our friends sign the back of it at my housewarming party...It has BIG pockets so I can carry my phone and whatever else I need....I love it!

  9. My favorite is the one I made for my Bees Without Borders chapter apron. I used the pink for the apron and the blue for the pockets and decorated it with yoyos, buttons, and yarn daisies!

  10. my favorite apron is one that I found a couple years ago on has a chicken for a pocket and is made of a soft gingham fabric with a scalloped edge and there is rick rack scroll work on the edges..the best part about the apron is that most of it is hand hangs in my kitchen. It is a really unique design on the scalloped edge and waist band, have not seen another like it anywhere.

  11. Hi Grace,
    What a sweet way to "share".
    My favorite apron is the first one I ever made. I was in 4H at the time and we made these simple aprons to take to the county fair to show some of the things we learned. It is bright yellow and still is today, and it has these huge yellow roses in the fabric along the bottom of the apron. To make the waist we just sewed a casing along the top and ran the waistband through it. That way the size was adjustable. I still have it and as it is a bit small I no longer wear it ;)

  12. The apron that makes me smile most is one a farmgirl gave me in a swap. To swap with a stranger and become friends was rewarding and made my heart smile.
    I do not have this book and would love to.
    Carrie (Cinnnamongirl)

  13. My favorite apron is an old brown gingham apron that I found in the bottom of an old box at my grandmother's home. It is all hand sewn ~ even the rick rack trim at the bottom. I just feel all warm every time I wear it.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Farmgirl blessings,

  14. Hi Gracie! Thanks for having this wonderful drawing! I actually have 2 favorites...a sweet full apron that Bev (Bee Haven Maven) made in a western print! The second one is a half apron made by you! Perfect for my Sisters on the Fly trips. I love the embroidered pocket with my sister # on it! XO Maryjane Lee

  15. Hmmmmm...GRACE!!!!!!....must I pick only see I have my favorite one to cook in that Clare made for is perfect in everyway...then there is my fun, slightly attractive apron Bev made me out of the infamous cupcake print...then there is one perfect for me with an attached hand towel from Kathie...and a very beautiful one that is very farmy with a unique pocket from Nash...and there is a very fashionable one I got from E, and one with a nifty pocket, my kids know i will be making something sweet when I come out with it how to choose a favorite...gosh...everyday of the week I have a different favorite I suppose. Yikes to choose one would just...GASP...I could never choose only one!

  16. This is the one I like the most

  17. Hello Grace!!!

    It's Funny that of ALL the many Apron's that I've collected & gathered & picked up over time I seem to almost always use the same old one when I walk in that Kitchen! Not much to look at really.. It's a full size one.. Very plain pattern even.. Just some small blue & red floral design. & over the many years of Use by me..& all the other woman that may have also used it.. poor little thing is nearly thread bare in some places! But for me.. This one Apron seems to be one that just means the most to me.. It & all it's stains.. & little tears..repairs..I feel as if Tying the Apron strings on this one i'm Ready!

    Thanks Grace!!
    Lots of Love,

  18. there are hundreds of apron 'stories' in my collection of about the same number of aprons. each apron has many stories to tell!

    my collection begins with very early checked-homespun ones made 'on the prairie' woven by our 'fore-mothers' ..

    all the way through the late 1800's ..

    travelling on into the posh victorian eras of pristine white starched and ironed aprons with beautiful lace trimmings and intricate stitching ...

    into the 1900's ... my own memorable ones used during the 1930's, 40's and 50's worn by my own dear aunties .. for all their gardening and household chores ..

    on through the trendy up-to-date 'pop-art' colorful ones that we also wear 'just for fun'.

    i do believe though, that out of my entire collection .. if i HAD to choose just one .. i do believe it would be be a homely child-made precious apron that my dearest cousin Margaret embroidered her initials on in big scrawly letters M E S .. for Margaret Elizabeth Stevens ... when she was but a child. she was beautiful .. my mentor .. my teacher of how to live a good life. she was fun and vibrant and went on to become quite a sophisticated woman .. but i love touching the embroidery and the apron strings and remembering the strong country ROOTS that nourished this wonderful woman all her life .. with BRANCHES reaching out and filling full bloom with all these qualities passed to others on the 'FAMILY TREE'.

    Just like the apron .. dear cousin margaret will live on from generation to generation .. when her apron is passed from me to my daughter to my grand-daughter to my great grand-daughter .. and on and on to time eternal.

    APRON STRINGS are far-reaching and the pockets are deep and hold many family memories with each generation.


  19. The apron that means the most to me belonged to a woman I never met. My husband's Grandmother.She passed away 2 months before my husband and I met.
    His parents divorced when he was young and his father had custody. So his Grandmother was the "Mother" in his life.
    My husband would tell me wonderful stories and tales his Grandmother told him. She was 1/2 Native American and lived in a one room log cabin in the North Georgia Mountains. There were tales of bears trying to claw their way in the cabin, stories of panthers at the creek and so many more. My husband would tell these stories to our sons when they were growing up.
    My father-in-law handed me a shirt box one day not long after my husband and I were married. I look inside and there neatly folded was a light green apron with pockets zigzaged on. He said his mother made it on a foot pedal sewing machine(the non-electric kind) and he wanted me to have it. I was overwhelmed by this simple gesture of him trusting me with something that meant alot to him.
    That was over 30 years ago and I still have the apron waiting to hand to our Grandaughter along with the stories her Great-great Grandmother told her Grandfather.

  20. am holding baby & typing w/1 hand...please favorite apron out of the 30+ i have is a white half apron with the prettiest handkerchief pocket...the band is a beautiful purple plaid taffeta's so pretty!

  21. Hi, Grace! My fav apron is a blue and white gingham "vintage" apron with a white polyester waist band and tie. I bought it at a yard sale for 25 cents. What a steal.

    Thanks for doing the giveaway!

    Sherone from Farmgirls

  22. I had posted on mary janes but now I cant find it!! I love your chintz floral at the bottom of the page! How absolutely beautiful! You have inspired me and I am going to make a new apron this weekend, I have the fabric and some great ideas. now they just have to translate into fabric! this little book sounds wonderful!

  23. My favorite apron is one I found in a thrift store and then used all my stain removal skills to clean. It's a blue flowered full one, with a big blue flower embroidered in the top panel. But your nifty Kat apron with all those cool kats is a close second. And your collection of vintage small appliances just rocks!!


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