Sunday, February 10, 2008

More Fun Projects.

I love my 2nd Hand Store chair...but it did not look like this when we brought it was painted black w/a white seat cover-ugly to say the least, but I knew it had personality,,,so my sweet heart of a hubby totally disassembled the chair, striped & sanded the chair then stained & reassembled it. I happen to have this fabric left from an other project. It and some new padding made a perfect seat cover.

The cute Bistro size Table Topper is a collaberation of talents...a dear sweet friend (Jessica) from MaryJanes Farm made the blocks & I assembled them. I also have a pot holder to match but forgot to include it in the photo. (click on the photo to get a close look).

Oh, and my sweet little "Sissygirl" kitty say's the underside of the chair looks nice too!


  1. Love the chair and cute blocks that you made into a wonderful table topper. Carrie(Cinamongirl)

  2. inviting you to stop by my blog to join in the fun over there(drawings)


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