Thursday, April 3, 2008

My Little Kitties...

See what happens when you put a bag down and walk away? "Missy Dolly" get's into mega mischief...

One snowy day equals 3 furbabies "roasting by an open fire". It's what they do best!


  1. Grace, Your kitties are so wonderful, I love Missy Dolly, the troublemaker, she has got such a great face, and three kitties roasting by the open fire, I wish I couold be there, i'd wedge myself right in. it's freezing rain here today!
    I held off from sneaking a peek at the minis until I'd gone to the post office, but luckily they arrived today. And they are fabulous!

  2. Gracie, your kitties are the cutest...they look like they have little scowls on their faces....too cute!!

  3. Grace, The kitties look so cozy by the fire! They are so cute :)

  4. LOVE thesekitties! Can't wait to meet them in June! They are loved kitties for sure! Love ya! Maryjane


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