Monday, April 28, 2008

Sisters on the Fly Trip

Well I finally got to meet up with the Washington, Idaho" sisters" as well as Oregon, Colorado and California "sisters".

Visulize...38 ladies, 1 bathroom with 2 showers & 2 potties.....if you don't think that wasn't a challenge, then you have never experienced sharing a bath room w/a sister or daughter! lol!

Tammy, (my partner in crime) and I had fun caravaning to & from Walla Walla with several sudden stops for yard sales and antique shops.

Our SOTF group was limosined around to various Walla Walla Wineries for wine tasteing that was fun! We also went to Pendleton Oregon to tour the Pendleton Wool Factory and then we went on to collect charms for our bracelets on what is called "The Pendleton Charm Trail".

To make a long story short,,,we ate, gabbed, tasted wine, shopped, ate, tasted more wine and shopped some more! I am now officially Pooped & Broke! But oh what fun I had!

Above are pics of my little trailer, "Twinkie" a 1976 SCAMP. The inside is almost done and then we will start work on the outside with new paint & cute logos.


  1. Welcome home, Grace! What an adorable little trailer...and what fun to decorate! Looks like it has all the (mini) comforts of home! Sounds like such a fun trip.

  2. Oh, Gracie! I just love what you've done with the place! :) Wow, are you sure it's the same one that was parked in my driveway? haha The orange cushions are very cool!

    Thank you for the card and necklace! It arrived on my birthday. What timing! E-mail has been down, so I haven't been able to send you a note. Hope all is well.

  3. WoooooHoooooo Grace!!! I love your little Twinkie!!!! Screaming girlfreind! I am thrilled you had fun with all our sisters in Walla Walla! Let's see, wow...I will see you in 8 weeks! So excited to see you Gracie Girl! Love ya! Maryjane 2piap!

  4. Love that Twinkie! Oh the adventures you will have ...


  5. What a super oool little trailer!! Oh, I love that retro look..know y'all had a blast...


  6. LUV that trailer :) Too cute!!!!

  7. I just bought a 13' Scamp to fix up. Also, I joined SOTF. I hope you survived your move to Washington state. I'm in Montana. I look forward to seeing you on the fly!!! What year is your Scamp? Are you planning on painting it white or Twinkie yellow? I can't wait to see it!!

  8. I absolutely love your camper! Wow, what a treasure. And you have made it so cute, tidy and homey. Love it!


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