Monday, May 5, 2008


What a wonderful weekend I had at Maryjanes Farm in Idaho !!!

First my dear friend Debi from California arrived and then we got together with another dear friend, Julia...we enjoyed a glass of wine & a bag of potato chips! ah! the all American snack! LOL!

The next day Debi & I headed out to Idaho to go spend the weekend at "Marjane's Organic Farm" with some other wonderful farm girls. We had a blast eating, gabbing, making rag dolls, learning how to do Tatting and then a trip into town for a local craft fair! I love these kinds of weekends where I can be a "girl" again. Thank you Maryjane for making this happen!

In the group picture starting left to right is myself, Sheri, Joann, Katy, Emme & her two sweet little girls, Taylor & Natty, Amanda, Brenda, Heather & Debi. Lyn was not in the photo, sadly her father-in-law became ill and she had to leave early. Hugz to her & her family.

Here is a picture of my rag doll that I stitched, I have named her "Lucy Grace", but now I need to make Lucy Grace a friend so I will most likely make a quick run into town this week for supplies. Oh, I also learned that as much as I tried, I am "Tatting Challenged" but I am not going to give up that easy!


  1. Well, Lucy Grace is quite a doll! She is adorable...can't wait to see her friend Ethel! So glad you had a wonderful weekend.

  2. Wow, Gracie! I am so thrilled you had a good time at MJF!!! What a great bunch of farmgirls! Can't wait to see you in about a month! Me, oh, My!!! Hugs, Maryjane xo


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