Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Welcome our newest member of the Brown household... our Kabota L2800, tractor w/a 'Drink Cup Holder'... Got to have a holder for my martini glass...LOL!

We now will be able to plant the fruit trees & lavender we bought as well as work the soil for my little Victory Garden. I am so surprised at how easy this thing is to drive,,,,I will probably be out on it while Gary is at work, just to putter around our property...we are fulfilling our dream of owning land and being able to grow a small self sustaining garden.

Life on the Farm is good!, especially now that all the snow is gone!

Also, as you can see, my Tulips are brightening up my front entry and today Gary is laying the grass seed in the area in front of the Tulips. If the deer do not eat my Tulips & soon to be new lawn, I will be tickled pink!

"Green acres is the place for me, Farm living is the life to lead, Land spreading so far and wide, Keep Manhatten...just give me that country side" (1960's T.V. show~ Green Acres).


  1. I love the tractor, Grace!! We should start a new group...."Crafty Tractor Gals!"

  2. LOVE Gary's new toy! Well, it looks like you will have some fun on it to! It's coming up tulips at Gracie's house!!! Can't wait to see you soon! Love ya! Maryjane

  3. Cesar says I can't read your blog page anymore..... You have everything I want, and the tractor was the icing on the cake! Go Grace!


  4. That is one huge tractor. You MUST have a farm. We expect a ride on it when we visit.

    PS This is strange. My comment says it's from renee d., my daughter-in-law. It really IS from me! Guess she's looking over my shoulder.

  5. cool new toy. hope you have a great weekend.
    stop by if you'd like..I have a fun drawing going on over at my blog.

  6. Look at that FARM-DIVA on the tractor!! You go girl!

  7. Hi Grace, heard so much about you from Maryjane. Looking forward to meeting you one day. Thanks for your sweet comments about my Mosaic items.
    Love, Ann


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