Saturday, July 12, 2008

Farm Girls Just Want To Have Fun!

OK, what happens when you combine some Maryjane Farm Girls, a Sunny afternoon & a Vintage Antique-Crafty Show???? FUN UNDER THE SUN~FARM GIRL STYLE!!!!!

Michelle~huckleberrywine, Brenda~past blessings, Pamela~photobug & Grace(me)~katmom are having fun in our aprons. Brenda & Pamela had their vintage booths all country cute and full of wonderful vintage goodies.

I could not resist this cute clothes line display of aprons by one of the other vendors.

What a great day it was & both Michelle & I left with a cart fill of "must haves".....

(pic#2 is Grace/Brenda/Michelle & pic#3 is Michelle/Pamela/Grace)


  1. Gracie, hey! Fantastic that you're celebrating back-to-good health with a bit of road tripping with friends and shopping. Glad you're all better! Wish I could have joined y'all,

    Tie One apron, of course!

  2. Thanx, wish you could have been here too, but if it makes you feel better, I probablly spent enough money for the both of us!!! lol!

  3. How adorable you gals look in your aprons. What fun!!

  4. look at al the fun you girls had...whooo hoooo for you and all those pretty aprons...yay!!!!!

  5. Eek! I wish I lived nearby! That looks like fun! And I see that you got to meet the Apron Lady! Fun. Fun!

    Confessions of an Apron Queen:

  6. Oh What FUN!!

    Looks Like SUCH a Beautiful Day Too Grace!
    & Geeeez! Just Window Shoppin' From this end I KNOW i'd have gone Broke! Good thing i wasn't out that way!

    Have a Great Weekend Sister Lou!

    love ya!

  7. hello sweet doll i found your blog via- maryjanes trailer forum...i just bought my 53' field and stream and maryjane lee and joyce sorry don't know their #'s yet...have been such dolls...emailin' this kitten about sisters on the fly...i love your car...and your so sweet twinkie! hope to see ya on the road sometime...happy trails...swing by my place


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