Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What's in a Name....

When I was a young girl, I really didn't like my is one of those "hand-me-down" names.. I was named 'Grace' after my Aunt who was named 'Grace' after her Aunt. My middle name, 'Gertrude' is my German Oma's(grandmother) name...thus old lady 'hand-me-down' name.

I always wanted something beguiling like "Cassandra" or "Samantha" or something, anything that sounded so cool and sophisticated. Anything but plain old lady 'Grace'.

But as I grew older I learned to appreciate the history of why I was named after 2 beloved women and I gave my daughter my name as her middle name. How lovely it sounds, Meridith Grace.

Recently a very dear friend bestowed me with yet another reason to love & cherish my name...MaryJane adorned my name in mosaics and it is absolutely beautiful. Then another dear friend, Bev, recently created a lovely Lavender Toile Apron and named it after me. How blessed I am to have such dear friends who deem my name worthy that they created a piece of art in honor of my name.

Yes, Grace, is a lovely old fashioned & Biblical name, and now that I am older and wiser I too cherish it.

Back in the 1970's Country singer Porter Wagner sang a song called, "Aint it amazin Gracie, how much I love you"....

The name Grace and Gracie are starting to become popular,,,wow! so I do have a cool, name after all!


  1. Yes, Gracie....a cool name for a really cool gal!! I love the mosaic that MJ did for you!! Wow!

  2. Awww... that is so cool that your name has some sort of history/story behind it. How lucky are you?!?! I can't say the same for mine, but heck. I guess I could have a worse name. :)

  3. very nice mosaic..and isn't it funny how we can grow up not liking ourt names..and then after a while they just sort of "grow on us"..ha.
    mine is just plain Christina, or Christine..just Tina
    but it's o.k...If I get bored I just add my middle name..ha.

  4. hey Tina,
    So "ha" is your middle name? just kidding! hee hee hee!

  5. I too am a Grace - not many of us around - I have grown to love my name too! I hated all the Grace "jokes" (grace before meals, amazing grace, etc.) - now I am proud & I say it loud!!!

  6. ilove your new mosaic grace, and your name is so fab...but i know how you feel, i have an old lady handme down middle name. I havent come to terms with mine yet though!!

  7. Gracie, how is the Lavender Farm coming??

  8. hey Bev, I am up to 100 lavender plants, we are in the mids of working on the rock border around the lavender bed and then we will fill it in w/pine next summer I should have a purple haze out front...I can hardly wait!
    I was in a local gourmet shop the other day and they sold small bundles of lavender for $7,,,,hmmm, maybe I will hit the farmes market(once I am up & running) & sell fresh as well as dried lavender just for kicks & giggles.

  9. Jessie (CRsHelpmeet at MJF&#39;s)August 17, 2008 at 9:37 PM

    My daughter would just adore your name! It is her middle name. we didn't think of it as old lady name at all. When I was expecting her, I had a hard time of it, and I prayed that God would give me "Grace" to get through it. Well, he did give me Grace...miss Victoria Grace. ;) Hubby and I have been partial to the name ever since. !
    hugs Jessie


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