Saturday, November 13, 2010

Misc. This-n-That...

I decided not to go overboard this year on Thanksgiving deco, so I just put out my "AnnaLee Pilgrims"(shown a few topics below) and just a few of my turkeys from my collection.
This label is on the white wool shawl that I found at a local Thrift, for only $1.99...SCORE!
I laundered it and I actually use it when rocking in my chair, usually with a kitty in my lap.
I found this mid 1970's rocker that was made for & delivered to a lady in Spokane, WA...
I wonder if she is still around?
I discovered it in an upscale 2nd hand shop. I plan to recover the fabric but for now I just enjoy it, especially in the morning, cup of coffee in one hand, a kitty in my lap and watching the "Bird Channel"! (birds on my balcony & feeders).
Ok, if you ask my hubby dearest,,,he will tell you..I am always bringing home "Honey-do projects" for him....and these 2 chairs are a good example..
The little one is a small student's solid Oak chair, that had layers of paint...
I bought it for $1.99, brought it home, hubby did his wood working magic and Voila'! instant cute chair....
As for the larger student desk/chair, I found it for $7.99, it needed some TLC to which my hubby took it apart, striped, glued & stained it & brought it back to life.
I have a couple of 100% wool blankets stashed under the chair... (I collect Wool Blankets).
I love that my hubby doesn't fuss to much when I bring these cast offs home for him to refurbish & bring back to life. So glad I can tap into his love of wood working....
Little does he know I want him to strip the finish off the rocker above & re-stain job will to be to re-upholster it....see, I do help! lol!


  1. Oh boy....good thing I didn't find those wool know me...I'd have washed and dried them and "shrunk" them so I could use them for my applique! LOL! But that white one is gorgeous and I'd be hard pressed to use it for applique....TOO nice for that!
    That's the only thing about being single...I have to write the "honey do" list and then hand it to myself!
    I was married but I still had to do everything I decided I might as well be single...LOL! Sounds like you have a keeper! Love your Thanksgiving decor!

  2. You are lucky to have a Hubby that is talented in his own right and willing to help out!! You work well as a team!!


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