Monday, September 3, 2012

Grapes, Peanut Bags,Pillow and Hammock!

 Wahooo! the beginnings of my Wine Empire! lol!, ok, maybe not an Empire, or even a bottle of wine,,, but finally one of my 3 grape vines produced grapes this year! Now to get to them before the birds do! lol!
 At a recent yard sale I scooped up 4 peanut burlap sacks... for 10cents each! Score! Now to get creative  and come up with a super crafting idea for them. (besides deco pillows) lol!
 I finally got around to making aother pillow out of a cast off Pendleton wool lap what do you think?
 This is the back side,,, I had just enough faux tooled leather fabric to complete the pillow backing.
OK, I know I have been snacking a lot lately,,, but Seriously!?!  Imagine my surprise while sitting in my hammock, watching my little Peek-a-boo kitty chase after 'hoppers' (grasshoppers)... I heard a funny sound and next thing I knew, my bottom was on the ground! ...Guess it's time to pull out the old "Slim-fast"... lol!


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