Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"Sister's Day Out"

We 'Sisters on the Fly' gals don't always hang out in campgrounds,,,every now and then we get cleaned up, throw on some lipstick & mascara and go have fun,,,at the local winery! lol!
Sherry suggested we meet up at Arbor Crest Winery up on the hill for a light lunch, glass or two of wine and a good old fab-u-los girlfriend fest..... Perfect weather, perfect food, perfect wine and perfect friends!

 (L to R) Karen, Bonnie, Me, Florence, Sherry, Carolyn, (front)Toni and Deeanne.
 Bonnie, Karen, Florence, Sherry & Carolyn.
 We are the (former) SO. CAL Gals... Sherry was from Simi, I am from Newbury Park and Deeanne & Toni are from the San Diego area.
 Ok,  I was laughing so hard I thought I would piddle my panties..... Seriously!  lol!
"Girls just wanna hanve Fun"...and we did!  Thanks to Sherry organizing us! 
Oh and we have to give Mother Nature a great big Thanks for perfect weather!


  1. OMG....Gracie.... I LOVE your hair!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. We all had a blast and yes, we do dress up now and then! You can take us out!


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