Sunday, January 13, 2013


Well here is the update of 'Snow & Snivels' I have laryngitis... oh joy!
I have been puttering at my sewing table.. but this cold just keeps me to tired to do much.
I guess it's ok to be a slug now and then, especially with this frigid weather.

Oh and as for our "Rats with antlers".... one of them left us his calling card!
Gary found this by the side of the house, in front of the Pergola. An antler from one of our visitors who frequent the hay trough.  So does that mean we have a deer who keeps walking to the left? lol! 


  1. Goes perfect with your troll and fairy house :)

  2. A listing dear...ha! Sorry to hear you are ill again. It must be the weather as my back is out...bummer.

  3. Uh oh! You don't have a still out back do you? I have a few of those antlers around here. I use them for all sorts of things....toilet paper holder, towel holder and they would make a great weapon if you had a prowler!
    Still hoping you feel better!


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