Friday, February 1, 2013

Easy Peasy Craft

About 7-8 years ago is saw an idea for this sweet little doilie thingy...
I don't recall where I got the idea,,, perhaps from Victoria or Tea Time magazine,,, but it truly is simple. Makes a lovely Hostess or Thank you gift.
You can use a Battenburg doily  or even a crochet one... if you use a crochet one, trace a piece of white fabric, about 1/2" smaller, Place over (inside) the doily and then pinch the top together and tack together.  Then add a bit of fiber fill inside,, and then glue some silk flowers into the openings.
You can add a bow or re-purposed jewelery to the top.... bling it up a lot or a little.
 front side
back side


  1. So sweet! What a cute idea. You are really on a roll!

  2. Looks lovely, and perfect to add anywhere for a vintage touch.


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