Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Ok, so this is the 1st time I have ever grown Beef Steak tomatoes... from seeds... and in doing so, I planted them in different locations of our see which area will be suitable for next years garden.
All was well. I was happy and then 3 days ago I came down with a grueling migraine, so bad so, that I got the dry heaves... trust me you don't want this type of migraine,,, sick & nausea for 3 days is not fun... thank gosh I slept through most of it, (off & on)... any way,,,, for 3 days I had not attended to my tomatoes,,, so today, I put my big girl panties on, went outside and walked to the different locations.. at the 1st plant, I was giddy with joy! tomatoes were starting to turn orange! Happy Happy...
Then I went over to the 2nd station.. and horrors of horrors! something had gotten to my tomatoes!
I searched each leaf thinking there might be a big fat tomato worm,, Nope!
Oh if only it were that easy,,, I could have picked the little bugger off and tossed him out by the bird feeder station,,, yes, I am that cruel.... but can ya blame me? we are talking about tomatoes!
In the scheme of things, I shouldn't worry about a few tomatoes... but darn it! I grew them from seed, they are my babies...
My German Prince,,, almost decimated... I have 1 tomato left on this plant.
the 2 plants in front took the major hit!, They look so sad.

 I looked at how the tomatoes were gnawed on, and how the leaves and branches had been eaten down,,, leaves (no pun intended) me to think the ground squirrels are having a feast on the tomatoes, or, our Rats with Antlers (deer) are back... or the raccoons are back, although they would pull the tomatoes off the bush...
I noticed that we did have an intruder last night as the out door kitty bowls were knocked over, the open bird feeder was bent down and empty of seed and the bird water station was empty...

Well whom ever,,, please leave me enough tomatoes to at least make a couple jars of Salsa., that's all I ask....because next year... the 6' tall garden fence goes up!

Oh and yes,,, all my grapes are gone! Deer with Antlers most likely!
Well now that I have vented, I feel better... or could it be this glass of wine! lol!
Have a happy day.....

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  1. Wow, gardening in California seems to be even worse than Washington! My tomatoes are doing better than they ever have. I did find one eaten off one end but don't have any horn worms. The dill just happened to come up right next to the plant...maybe that helps. I use to see them when I lived in the valley.


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