Sunday, January 15, 2017

2017,,, already????

Ok, where did 2016 go??? I still have unfinished projects that I had the best of intensions of completing,,, and now here it is, 2017... Yikes!
(found this cute photo on pintrest)
Our little Ginger is not a big fan of all this cold wet rain weather we have been having... and to help her get over being stir crazy we let her play in the tub,,, with the room heaters on full (high) heat! lol!
 Splish splash, I was taking a bath....
 this is what a totally saturated Shitz zu looks like...
oh so pretty and pampered....
Well maybe next week, or shortly there after,,, I will get back into my sewing room and get to working on those 'UFO' projects... (un-finished-objects) lol!


  1. These are really cute and really nice little dogs. You'd better get Ginger down here to Ocala where it's nice and warm and it's quite comfy pooping outside. If you're a dog, that is! Going to be 80 every day for about a week...with lows in the 50s, that's about perfect! ;)

  2. Kat,
    What a cute puppy!! My daughter has a little one like that, they are just to funny and cute.
    Nancy Jo

  3. Too funny! My little Annie girl is like that....she's been good about going outside but then she doesn't like the wet grass so she poops on the sidewalk and driveway and I have a special dustpan to fling it into the grass! LOL! She's miniature dachsund...I thought they were tough hunting dogs? Wet grass? Really? Your little one is precious!


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