Friday, December 23, 2016

I See You....

I see you... do you see me???
 while in the kitchen I looked out the window and spotted a couple of wayward deer...
 Bambi spotted one of our Holiday lights Deer...
I walked out to the fence line and asked if they were lost,,, they said, No,, just fueling up before heading to Santa's barn for tomorrow nights journey....
HoHoHo and Merry Christmas.


  1. Do you watch the Norad Santa Tracker? You should then you could see them in action! The grands called to remind me to logon to it as I guess he started this about a long day! No wonder he only does it once a year! LOL!
    Merry Christmas Eve....I'm breaking out the rum and eggnog you think it will affect my cross stitch? Ha! Ha!

  2. S.I.A.,, I am way ahead of you.. "High Octane Egg Nog (rum)... and got the music going,,,, so if egg nog hampers our cross stitching, it's a price we are willing to pay! lolol! I mean, HoHoHo!

  3. Thanks for your comment today! I have a four-year old kitty who loves to play hide and seek. And she's figured out where I'm going to go so runs around the other way to meet me first!

    Happy New Year to you and yours!


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