Saturday, December 10, 2016

GO Seahawks!!!

Ok,,, so I am NOT a fan of football, baseball, golf or pretty much any sport that requires a spherical object! lol!
But Hubby is a big sports fan and with that said,,, we are a match made in Heaven... he gets to watch all his favorite sports games on TV and I get to spend the day crafting away in my sewing/craft room..  Yep, It's a Win-Win for everybody!

I even stitched up a Seahawk's pillow case and flees  blankie... he will be so comfy watching his team tomorrow....  Yes,, I am a wonderful wifey.... lol!

GO Seattle Seahawks!!!!


  1. I miss watching football....I gave up satellite but that's okay. I do like football but I don't care for the NFL organizations or the actions of some of their players....not like back in the day when they were good role models and what's up with the cheerleaders? grown men really need cheerleaders? You did a great job though and I hope they won!

  2. S.I.A.,, I agree,,, there was a time we saw sports/athletes as role models,,, not any more sadly.


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