Thursday, December 8, 2016

New Computer and Other Headaches!

OK,,, about a year ago we updated my old computer with Windows8 to the new Windows 10 program... well that created all kinds of issues for me including not being able to post on my Blog... so after about a week of hair pulling craziness I removed Windows 10 and returned to Windows 8... Well here I am, a year later and an old computer that was having way to many age related hic-ups,,, yesterday, I got a new computer that came with Windows 10... so lets hope all the bugs have been worked out and that I will be able to post on my Blogs... Got my eyes, legs and fingers crossed! lol!

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  1. Computers can be a real pain. I have an old HP computer running Windows Vista and it still works OK. But we changed to Mac computers a few years ago and I'll never go back. They aren't perfect, but we don't have all those little problems that Windows presents. I've got an iMac with 21 inch screen and Lois Anne has a MacBook. We love 'em.


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