Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ah, signs of Autumn....

I know it is Autumn when I start coveting sweaters.....and each year I like to treat myself to one special one...thou usually they are Cashmere, angora or wool, for once I actually bought one that was not.
I had been holding off on this one, but found myself drawn to it each time I looked at it in the Victoria Trading Company I gave in and bought it. OMG! it is yummy soft & sweet and it even came with it's own sweater bag.....which gave me an idea...why not convert some of my vintage hand stitched pillowcases into sweater bags...all I would need to do is cut the top-back side off, hem the edges & Voila' instant sweater bag. Tuck in a little lavender sachet and my good sweaters will be kept sweet & safe..... I was at Joanns Fabric store the other day & their McCall patterns were on sale.
Now normally I would not but a Pattern for YoYo projects, but for .99cents, what the heck!
It features a yoyo garland, 2 different size yoyo trees, a wreath and a stocking decorated with yoyos.
The little pumpkin candle pad is just a simple project from the 'Bareroots' craft pattern line.
A nice project to work on while sitting in front of the Idiot Box(T.V.).....
I am currently spending more time in my sewing room....much needed 'sewing therapy'! lol!


  1. Oh, the hostess with the mostess! It was a great Bingo Babes Party and you looked wonderful in your new sweater!
    I love the pattern you got. The wreath and the trees, the yoyos for the stockings are intriging me....I may have to start making yoyos.
    We need a thrifting day, don't we?

  2. So, what is the content of your beautiful new sweater?

  3. Hi 'Katmom', Thank you for visiting my Ranch Farmgirl blog at maryJanes Farm! Love your blogs...and I added your's to my own blog list. Happy Trails Sister. Shery Jespersen

  4. Hey T.C.F.,
    the sweater is 65% cotton & 35% polyester.....It is by "Hopelessly Romantic", a line of clothing that Victorian Trading Company carries.
    It is silky soft and very yummy to wear.


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