Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ranch Profits.....

"I put all my profits back into Ranch improvements" OK, so after going back through our expenses for the past to years I have come to realize that owning 5acres of dirt...ain't cheap! Who would have thunk it that maintaining dirt, weeds and a little garden could be such a lofty & expensive endeavor! lol! But ya know, I wouldn't have it any other way.....
Hubby & I are onto our second adventure.....getting the property ready for next Spring...we have $200.00 worth of pasture grass seed waiting to be put down in the next permitting. Then we will expanding our little mini fruit tree orchard as well as putting in more lavender plants.....I figure buy the time all the dust settles, hubby & I should be ready to be sent to "Shady Acres Old Geezers Home" lol! Oh well, at least someone will enjoy our hard work and hopefully our "foot prints" will be beneficial.
So now speaking of foot prints...or should I say Hoof Prints.....Hopefully by Summer there will be 2 horses out back,,,and I don't mean "Pasture Ornaments".
But rather a life style that we have chosen to re-connect with.
Back in High School I use to ride, bareback...and Gary's family always had horses,,,I guess that is why he is so proficient in Stall mucking...LOL!
Well, first you have to Dream it, then ya have to build it and then ya have to live it......
I can hardly wait for Spring when we can start construction on the Barn/stalls/arena & then like Roy & Dale we will ride off into the sunset for the next adventure in our lives. I am so happy that Gary is a good sport and that he looks forward to spending time with me out riding. I am one very lucky lady.
Happy Trails to you, until we meet again.


  1. Gosh, there's Nothing Cheap about owning land or house but it beats owning a boat -smile-.

  2. How exciting is that, Gracie!!!! Dale and Roy live!!!
    Hugs to you,

  3. Ha! I think we just might have a little in common.....I gave this poster to my Dad back in the '70!

    and I love aprons, and I am going to Spokane for a drs apt for DH. today I hope the roads are good. We stay at our daughters house in the Whitworth area--she's a student.

    PS Your music cracks me up. I grew up liveing to Tom T, Johnny Cash and Buck.


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