Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I've been busy stitchen' ...

I recently did a fun Western themed Apron Swap and here is what I sent to my swap partner...
I hope she enjoys the goodies.
The apron is a Roy Rogers & Dale Evan montage'. The goodies consist of a sweet MaryJane's farm fabric, book and chocolate. Then I included a sweet dresser scarf & pot holder that I found at my favorite little vintage/antique shop over in Airway Heights. My little 'peekaboo' kitty is making sure no one sneaks off with any of the goodies. lol! Here are 2 "Harvest/clothespin aprons.... both are going out to very special ladies. The both are made from men's shirts. The green one will be going to a friend to wear out in her garden or out to feed her horses....love the large pockets, there is even a smaller pocket for a cell phone & keys. The blue/purple one is going to another gal to be used for stashing her clothes pins in while hanging her laundry.
This is an other Barn Goddess apron for a friend over in Rosalia, WA. I figure the pockets are big enough to put a few apples & horse treats in as well as maybe a curry comb & hoof pick. I made this one from leftover remnants of fabric from other projects.
Ok, so now maybe I'll finally get around to making one for myself.....lol!

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  1. One time I told my Sunday School class I had 3 pairs of heros...
    Roy and Dale
    Billy and Ruth
    Jim and Gladys - my parents.
    I hope your partner loves her apron.


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