Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Irmgard...

Happy Birthday to my dearest and life long best friend, Irmgard.

Here she is with her granddaughter, Valerie.
Irmgard and I have been the very best of friends since we were 11 years old.
My mother took my sister and I back to live with my grandfather in Germany in the mid 1960's.
Irmgard's family lived in the same apartment building as my "Opa" and we immediately became the best of friends.
And we continued to remain best friends even after I moved back to the States.
We 'grew up' together through our letters and photographs over the span of 4 decades.
So I am going back to Germany in the Spring to visit Irmgard, it's been 7 years since my last visit there... we are long over due for coffee and chatting at the kitchen table.
Irmgard just celebrated her birthday (we are just 3 months apart in age) so for fun I made matching aprons for her and her granddaughter. I even machine embroidered their names on the aprons...
Irmgard enjoys cooking (much more than I do!) so I know she will enjoy many afternoons in the kitchen with her granddaughter baking all kinds of wonderful goodies and wearing their aprons.
I can hardly wait for Spring to get here,,,,Irmgard and I have 7 years of catching up to do in a 2 week span of time......not to mention shopping and hitting some marvelous bakeries.
And as always we will end the evenings sitting out in the garden or go to a 'Bier Garten" to enjoy a regional glass of wine.....followed by some decadent desserts......
Happy Birthday Irmgard,,, and I will see you soon!

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  1. Nothing like good friends! They do much to make life worthwhile!

    I wish I could send you some's been quite nice here today - 75 and sunny!


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