Thursday, January 20, 2011

Over the Rainbow Bridge

This is our lil old lady,,,Ms Beasley.
She has been a part of our life for 18 years,,,,,and tho her name is Ms Beasley, we named her that after that goofy "Ms Beasley" doll on the TV show, "Family Affair"...because when Ms Beasley walked into our lives as a stray,,,we thought she was funny thus the name... but mind you she has been called other things over the years,,,, El Gato, Chicken Hawk(there is a story behind that name involving a piece of chicken and Ms Beasley).... Beas-er-ree.... and on occasion, DARN CAT! which usually meant she was getting under foot while I was trying to make dinner!
Now her journey has come to an end, we let her cross over the "Rainbow Bridge" is a very heart breaking day for us but now she is at peace. Her little body was getting frail from age, her spleen and kidney were shutting down,,,it was time for us to let her go,,, so tonight it will be a quiet sad evening,,,,but it was the right thing to do, when the quality of life is no longer there.
We will miss our little chicken hawk, I'll miss her curling up by my legs at bed time, and in the mornings I will miss her standing by my face patting at me as if to say,,,"Are you awake? 'cuz I would like breakfast now".
Good bye and sweet dreams Ms Beasley.... I know Licorice , Puddums and Cissygirl will be waiting for you across the rainbow Bridge, tell them we send our love. We miss you.
Love Katmom & Katdad


  1. Sharing tears, my friend. Anyone who has ever loved a cat (or any animal), knows the heartbreak of deciding when to say "farewell". Soon the pain will turn to warm memories. 18 years, what a gift! Bless your hearts. Lilli

  2. Oh, I am so sorry. You will truly miss her something awful! Dash also sends his love, he knows he never met her but he is really sure he would have loved Chicken Hawk! Anyone who loves a chicken...Dash would love! Sweet dreams to all of you.

  3. Gee, Grace, I'm really sorry for your loss. Great pets know how to choose their owners. Your kitty close well.

    --Juli T.


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