Saturday, January 1, 2011

1st Apron for 2011

I just finished up this cute little child's apron this afternoon, it's my 1st apron for 2011.
I used a vibrant Mary Englebright print fabric...and I am now working on an adult one....both are going to a dear friend of mine in Germany for her & her granddaughter.
Is this Wild or What! I spotted this fabric at
an on-line fabric store....I love their selection of fabrics, and their service is outstanding. I have never been disappointed with them. (neither has Peekie, as you can see.)
just a little close up of the fabric with out the 'kitty hairs'!
I spotted this fabric at as well....just a simple pre-printed 1/2 apron, to cut out, stitch up and Voila" instant apron!
In the early 1960's women use to cut out jiffy 1/2 circle aprons from 35" light weight fabric, even felt fabric was used and then decorate them with fabric or felt images, kind of like a felt poodle skirt idea.
I couldn't resist these little goodies while shopping at Area 58 in Spokane, a really fun little vintage shop on Monroe street.
I love the white crochet 'pitcher'...I haven't figured out whether you are suppose to put a little pitcher (creamer) in it or just stuff it or what?
I had to buy these 2 patterns,,,yes I have plenty of apron patterns, but oh what the heck, it was on favorite 4-letter word! lol! (from e-quilters).
The jacket pattern intrigues me...and I have managed to stash some light weight wool that I think would be perfect for this jacket.....which I got through Indygo Junction, another great company to shop from.
So what did you do today, on 1.1.11 (Jan 1 2011)?????


  1. Such cute got the year started right, huh? With a bang up sewing job!

  2. Happy New Year Kat! It may be a crocheted "cosy"-meant to absorb moisture from the pitcher placed inside it so water rings wouldn't form on the table...


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