Friday, December 31, 2010

Do I Luv Aprons????

Is this a Hoot or what!!!!?????
Yep, the age old Q & A....what to do with Grammie's old chenille potty seat cover????
Why,,, make an apron out of it of course! lolol!
I found (& bought) this silly apron, after all, this is one I Do Not have in my collection!
How about you?
Hubby & I love our favorite little Vintage shop over on Monroe St, in Spokane, WA., called
"Area 58" ...we never leave empty handed!
My last fantastic purchase of 2010!


  1. LOL... well crap!!!! LOL that is funny! love ya...a apron fit for a queen (or at least her throne)...

  2. That's what I thought it was, had to take a double take! lol


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