Saturday, December 25, 2010

Santa's Helpers Had Fun...

(Be prepared for a stack of "Brag Photos", in fact you might want to go refill your coffee mug before you get started! lol!)
The above photo is of me 'walking' with lil LeiLei plays by the new kiddie kitchen.

My daughter, Meri checking out what Santa brought her, as I watch.
Evan 'teaching' Phoobit how to drive! After all, just 15 more years till she wants a drivers license.
Phoobit has mastered forward,,,now to figure out right turns! lol!
Look at her go!
Drag Racing...Phoobit & sister LeiLei are racing for 'pink slips'!
Oma and LeiLei.....LeiLei spotted the presents.....
LeiLei hasn't mastered the "rip open the presents" yet,,,but she did have fun playing with her bathtub ducky.
LeiLei modeling her apron that I made for her....
Now both LeiLei & Phoobit have their very own can never start them to young!
I made matching itty bitty pot holders,,,they are around here somewhere!
Hurry & take the picture,,, HoHoHo!
Sisters playing with their new even has a cell phone! OMG! what will they think of next? lol!
Meri & LeiLei, and I, holding a wiggly Phoobit.
Mommy & Oma(me) are invited to play with Lei's & Phoo's kitchen.
Whew! aren't you glad you filled your coffee mug! lol!
If you are wondering where Grandpa is...well he was the designated Photographer!
Merry Christmas and to all, A Good Night!.

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  1. Sure looks like everyone had a wonderful the aprons! With the little kitchen they are all set to start making some goodies! I treasured my little stove...that really worked when I was a kid, they are going to have a ball with that one!


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