Saturday, December 11, 2010

December FaLaLaLa....

I love traditional Christmas decor and fabrics,,, but I am also very eclectic and love silly Holiday fabrics, as you can see. This apron certainly is opposite the traditional Christmas Red & Green.
I could not resist the whimsical retro scene and these colors just pop!
Orange just might be the new Red! lol!
I made this fun little "Dinner Style" apron for a friend of mine who is not afraid of color and is herself quite a colorful character.
But as you can see, my little 'Peekaboo' kitty is having separation issues...she doesn't want me to take 'her' apron away, sorry Peekie, I will make you another one!
I am in 2 apron swaps this Holiday Season, and here is the first apron I have received,,,
I have this same pattern and love makes for a fast fun apron and the designs and details are endless.(below)
Thank you so very much dear Sue for my cutie of a sweet apron.
I have a vintage washboard hanging on the wall in my kitchen where I seasonally change out my aprons, so right now I have all of my Holiday themed aprons hanging,,,
I probably spend more time trying to decide which apron to don then I do preparing our dinner out of the box! lol!
My kitchen motto: "I've been slavin' over microwavin'. " lol!
Thank you again Sue for my cute lil apron, I love the whimsical gift box print, oh & I was going to save the chocolate for a rainy's raining! lolol!
Merry Christmas to all......


  1. Glad you liked it, it' one of my all time favorite patterns! lol But, I must move on.....soon!

  2. I love your cute little orange Christmas apron...

  3. I LOVE the fabric in the orange apron. Is it new fabric in the reto style or vintage? You did a fantasic job putting this together. Wonderful colors and details!


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