Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lots of Crochet Lace....

I received a box full of crochet work & vintage hankies from my mommy...
Thank you mommy...
I spent the afternoon gently hand washing them, and stretching them out to dry.
I placed one under my little table Christmas tree..... It is worked in the Pineapple motif,,,symbolic of "Welcome".
The rest are now waiting to be tucked away with some lavender to keep them sweet smelling and bug free.
So,,,one of my projects to do today,,,,was to make 130 little Santa Stocking~ Candy Cane holders.... while working I spotted a scrap piece of fabric, so I cut it into a circle to stitch into a yoyo...I had set the circle aside next to some lavender buds...when I had one of those "Ah Ha! moments..
Why not fill the yoyo with a few buds of lavender..... Ta Da! Lavender scented yoyos!
I think I will have to make a bunch of these Lavender budded yoyos!
Hmmm, I can just see it now, a sweet lavender scented yoyo lap quilt...ah, another project!

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