Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Last Apron of the Year

I am making this last 2010 Apron for a farm gal over in has wreaths of apples, sunflowers & lavender.....and as you know, I love lavender!
It has criss crossing straps that snap on & off....easy to put on & take off. I added some sweet machine made lace to the pocket and as always, yoyos!
Hope Heather likes it.
You can click on the photos to see a closer view of the fabric print.


  1. Love the fabric! Have you signed up for my Valentines Apron swap?

  2. She'll love it....really cute and I know it is very well sewn, with love!
    You may have to add another one to are going to be stuck at home for awhile, with all this snow!


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