Sunday, December 5, 2010


We're hereeee! let the Party begin!
ok, maybe we should call Wardrobe & Make-up first! lol!
Soleil, 20 minutes into the party and already she has kicked off her shoes & socks!......
Soleil hanging with the other kiddos...
Even Phoobit is having fun.(shoeless of course!)...and is looking forward to having an adoption party too!,,,but unlike Soleil, Phoobit at least keeps her socks on....
Tami D. giving Phoobit some special one on one time.
Oma (me) holding my grand baby and chatting with Auntie Tami G.
The "Pink Candy Bar".....self serve sugar overload! lol!
There were cello bags so guests could fill with pink jellybeans, pink M&M's, pink Whoppers, pink soft taffy, pink Jordan Almonds and pink bubble gum cigars with "It's A girl" labels!
Pretty & Yummy in Pink!
Mama Meri & Soleil getting ready to fill their plates with yummy foods.
Sally, Me (in white) Rich & Tami, talking about the latest toys for wee ones....I am of the mind set that from now on when I need to buy a 'toy' gift...I will go to the toy department of a large store, look for a parent with tots about the age of the child I need to buy a gift for,,,follow them around to see what they buy or what attracts the child's attention....
No I am Not a Stalker,,,just a toy purchasing impaired!

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  1. What a wonderful party...and such a happy occasion! The girls are adorable. Wish I could meet them and smooch those cute little cheeks!!


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