Wednesday, May 25, 2011


AAAAGGGHHH! Is it just ME? or does Blogger not like ME? or what? Lately I have been getting emails from friends saying that Blogger won't let them post on my blog, that it keeps routing them back to 'Blogger Sign-in'.... and I have noticed that lately I can not get into my blog even if I was in it a few minutes ago....I was adding pictures and each time I had to re-sign in...
Today I tried to post in two different blog sites and it kept sending me back to the 'Blogger Sign-in' page and after signing in, and typing in the 'scramble word' it would send me right back to the original Blog sign in page...I finally just gave up, and tore into my (last) stash of M&M's....
after all,,, "Give me some chocolate, and no one gets hurt!"!


  1. I'm glad you;ve got chocolate! Phew....!

  2. Wow that come? lol

  3. kpaint,,,not sure why but glad it works!
    : >)

  4. I think this will post here. I have been having the same problem leaving comments on some blogs. And I've read others posts saying it's a widespread problem and blogger is working on it. For now, if it doesn't post the first time, I know to let it be instead of getting frustrated. Enjoy your chocolate!


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