Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Shopping Tote...

Hmmmm, what is it?

Haha! could it be a 'Kitty Tote' ?????

I luv my 'tote' and Peekie gives it her approval too!

I have seen these at Boutiques but with a rather pricey tag.....but while I was in Germany I noticed that these are quite popular and they range in price from moderate to pricey....needless to say, even with the Dollar to Euro conversion this was so worth buying.....and I luv it. It folds up flat, light weight and looks cute (even with out a kitty in it) when I take it to market.

**update...I was in WallyWorld (Wal-mart) the other day and lo and behold,,, I spoted totes just like this one in vibrant colors...and for only $6.99, OMG! and to think I bought and dragged this one all the way from Germany... but that's ok, because I still love it and it's sweet rose print.

Besides, Peekie loves it too and that is all that matters! lol!

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  1. I saw the same design at WalMart the other day in the summer display aisles.Your fabric is much cuter though.


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