Saturday, July 30, 2011

What I did to keep me busy...

Well I have been down for the count for the past week...thanks to a Summer cold that insists on lingering on and on and on! Uugghh!
I was all ready to join in with some gal pals for a impromptu Camp~out over in Idaho,,, but alas, I decided I had better keep my snotty nose home!
I needed something to keep me busy so down to my sewing room I went,,,
I made 2 fun "Hillbilly Aprons"....
This apron is for a Maryjane Farm friend.. it is made with red & natural burlap...yep, Burlap!
Then I trimmed it with my favorite...yoyos... and a couple of tuck-ins like a battenburg lace doily, clip-on earrings & of course...lavender. The little over sized pin is for the apron closer.
I hope my farm girl friend enjoys it as much as i did making it.
I found the clip~on earrings at a 2nd hand shop, and I attached some sparkly beads to the pin.

This is the 2nd apron that I made.. and it is a birthday present for one of my Glamping gal pals.
Also made from burlap.....and decorated with yoyos, an old crochet doily, lavender and it to has a rhinestone decorated safety pin to use as the closer. Oh and I found a ginormous pair of rhinestone earrings.

Although a burlap apron might not be practical,,, it sure is different.... sort of a one of a kind!

I actually found the pattern for these burlap aprons from a vintage 1960's sewing pamphlet and have made several burlap aprons.

Well, gotta go blow my nose again.... hope I get over this cruddy cold soon!

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  1. Really sorry you weren't able to join us! Hope you are doing better now and I love those cute aprons...some lucky gals!


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