Monday, July 11, 2011

What a Wonderful Afternoon...

Just lil ol me sitting out in my Lavender lavender is just starting to bloom, a little late because of the long long Winter.

"Women of the Wild West" & "MaryJane Farm Girls" gathered up for "Tea Under the Shade Trees".

Yep, that's me, front row in the rust colored skirt.

Karen, myself & Diane...don't we look cutsie in our aprons? :>)

"Cow Girl Boots Kick Butt" not to mention make us gals look Cow girlie Cute!.

(l to r) Maryjane, Rebekah, Meg, me, Kim.

Who wouldn't want a sweet bed in their back yard to take sweet summer naps in, to dream of overflowing gardens and apron projects.

(l to r) Kim, Sharon & Karen and Heidi (in back ground) usual, I am not in the photo because I am behind the camera!
We are at a delightful little Quilt shop called "The Quilted Moose" in Colfax, WA.

( ) There so many wonderful projects on display, oh if only I had a week to come play & create.

This is one of the projects they offer. It is a dimensional mini Crazy is actually even more lovely when you have it in your hands to look at it. It has all sorts of embellishments.

I couldn't resist taking a photo of this sweet, simple to create apron... I love the pocket with sweet sayings on it too!

After being in Heidi & Caren's sweet shop, I could hardly wait to get home and make another apron.... I am so inspired by these talented women and their little may be small in size but certainly not small on creativity...everywhere I looked I would gasp and say,,,'I need to do that'...or 'I want that fabric'..... It was like being in a candy shop, and the projects were the candy! SWEET!


  1. I came over to look at your Apron from the Flirty Apron Swap blog. Love the Apron made from the MuMu and I love that you repurposed it. So cute how you placed that bird above the pocket.

    I saw the pic of your lavender field and wondered if you ever have any that you sell. I live in the panhandle of TX and dont know of any around here. My email is

    I spent my first 20 yrs growing up in Seattle and the last 40 in TX.


  2. Oh, what fun! I want to be a wild west girl - where do I submit my app?

  3. want to Hang with you Gals! :D


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