Friday, October 28, 2011

Trader Joes.....

Trader Joes, Grand Opening in Spokane, Oct. 28th 2011 YEEHAW!
It's been almost 5 years in the making.... but Spokane now has a Trader Joes and as a transplanted Southern California gal,,,, I couldn't be happier then if I had won the Lottery! lol!

They are opened! Finally...... I am doing the Happy Dance....and grinning from ear to ear!

Even Leilei & Phooboo had a great time on their maiden voyage to Trader Joes.... and yes, they SCORED some yummy Animal Cookies!

I had to contain myself when my daughter called and said, according to the news report, the Grand Opening was rather we thought, What the Heck! Let's go for it! & we did!!!!

It felt so good to be in T.J's...all the familiar sights and products that I have had to live with out for the past 4 1/2 years. When you are a die hard T.J. shopper, it's like going through with-drawls when you don't have one near by. Occasionally a friend or two would have to make a trip over to Seattle (4hr drive) and would be stopping off at the T.J. there,,,so I would give them my 'shopping list'... Thank goodness for friends!

But now I don't have to depend on friends,,,I can just pop in and shop till I drop! Did I mention, I am doing the happy dance? lol!
Happy Days are here again!


  1. Congrats for being one of the first! I will wait for the crowds to divide....ha! I too have some fav products and will catch up to them later. Glad you and the girls had fun!

  2. Trader Joe's is a fabulous store but the closest one to me is 300 miles away...sigh.


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