Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Boooo~Fest

When your doorbell rings on Halloween, what do you think could be on the other side?
OMG! we've got BUGS!
The cutest lil bugs you could ever want!
Why it's Leilei and her sister, Phoobee...

This our little Leilei turning on the charm for her trick-o-treat goodies....

Ok, funny story... we call Soleil, Leilei (in yellow) and we call Jada, Phoobee (in red)....

our nickname for them is,,, Leilei~ladybug and PhooBee BumbleBee.... but as you can see the outfits that were bought for them quite some time back...well, the bee outfit ended up not fitting Phoobee so the girls switched costumes! lol! Oh well, makes no difference... they are still cute as bugs!

I think the backside is just as cute as the front..... and I am sure Phoobee is thinking, "does this costume make my diaper look big?"

Leilei got side tract with the kitty toys..... hmmmm I think they need more candy! lol!

Happy Halloweenie with your little pests.....


  1. They are as cute as bugs ears!! How cute is that? Glad you all had fun.

  2. Grace, the kids are just to cute!! That is just the best age.
    I did lock my doors now that you know I have a red plaid picnic tin, thanks for the warning.
    Nancy Jo


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