Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fabric Junkie...

OK, so to make sure I don't go stark raving loony this Winter...(they say it's going to be another long cold one! aacckk!) I have been adding to my ever growing stock pile of fabric & craft projects. The Chenille & vintage bark cloth will soon be deco pillows for one of my trailers...and the T-shirt (folded) will also become a pillow..... as for the yellow 'handprint turkey' print fabric... that will become 3 'Diner' style 1/2 aprons.... as will the red print fabric.

Now for my favorite find.... is this printed Burlap kool or what? OMG! I feel like a "Country Living Magazine" moment coming to decide what to do with it.

Frame it? make deco pillows out of it or re-upholster a chair seat with it... oh what to do!

I could even make hanger sachets filled with lavender. I wonder if I can use stamp ink, and a fat print rubber stamp and create my own printed burlap.... hmmmm ????

Speaking of 'framing' I found 2 cheap frames at a local Thrift, took out the cheesy photos and got a can of handi-dandi purple spray paint.... Voila' instant cute purple frames. So I found this sweet fabric, brought it home & washed it.... now to iron it & layout some family photos & finish framing it. I already have the perfect place to hang them.

I have an ever growing collection of vintage Lucite Grape Clusters, some in the shape of a hanging lamp and even candle stick holders.... I love these grape clusters.... some have plastic leaves, some with silk cloth leaves and I even have one with acrylic leaves.... did I mention I love collecting Lucite Grape Clusters? lol!

Ok, Mr Winter, bring on the snow... I have a pile of projects stashed in my sewing room.... I will survive Winter as long as I keep busy! .


  1. That aught to do it!!! Looks like a lot of fun ahead...being snowed in might not be so bad....:) right?

  2. I have to say, that Key burlap would have been my favorite, also! Great find!!!


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