Saturday, November 12, 2011

Aprons & Potty Bling!

My daughter and I were out and about at our favorite Nursery~Gift shop when we spotted this in the window! I must say, it did give us a case of the giggles!

I finished up the Thanksgiving aprons that I was sewing for my daughter, my 2 sweet little grand babies and even one for myself.... we certainly will look stylish on Thanksgiving Day. I spotted this cute 'handprint turkey' printed fabric and thought it was perfect for kiddie aprons and well oh what the heck I could not resist making a mommy & grandmommy apron too!

Every year EllynAnn Geisel, the author of "The Apron Book", challenges us to share the Holiday Spirit with others. EllynAnne leads the way by baking fresh goodies and wrapping them in linens and share with others. What a great idea. Who knows, the neighbor you rarely see might truly appreciate your kindness.

As EllynAnne says, " Tie One On, an Apron of course!"....

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  1. cute, cute, cute!! Perfect fabric. Now you need a picture of the four of you on Thanksgiving day!!!


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