Saturday, November 12, 2011

November 12th, 1972

Well today is mine & Gary's 39th Wedding Anniversary and what better way to spend it then to roll up our sleeves and help out at a Horse Rescue.....
Rough Start Horse Rescue is not to far from where we live and they had just taken in 10 more abandoned horses this past weekend,,, with the coming snow...which did arrive today...they needed help throwing up a couple of Lean to's for the horses as shelter to get out of the weather. When we arrived, we got straight to work knowing that the snow was just a matter of hours away. The horses were not the least bit fazed by us and they continued to eat and walk around us watching with curiosity.

Gary & Katie got straight to work squaring up and bracing the frame, after that the walls started going up fast.

It was bone chilling cold, but Katie, Jay, Gary and I were determined to get as much done as we could....unfortunately by 3pm the snow had arrived in a flurry.

This sweetheart was so loving, as were all the horses. Each with their own sad story to tell about being homeless, abandoned or mistreated.

This little cutie looked at me as if it wanted to ask me to take her home with us. Oh if only I could.... I am such a sucker for big brown eyes!

These two kept walking around us, curious to see what we were doing....I am sure had they had thumbs they would have asked us for a hammer so they could help.

You can read more about 'Rough Start Rescue' on my Face Book page. They have an upcoming fund raiser, "Pies for Ponies" go to Face Book and visit them. They could also use any and all donations to help off-set Vet & food costs.

Happy Trails to you......

p.s.... I wuv you my sweetheart of 39 years! Happy Anniversary.


  1. Oh my, if I were closer....I think a couple would come home with me!!! Good for you and your carpentry skills! Hi to Gary, too.


  2. WOW...39....CONGRATS....Hope you had a nice celebration!


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