Sunday, November 13, 2011

Baby Smock~ Pinnie

I found this sweet green vintage Baby Smock~ Pinnie at an Estate Sale this Summer.... I was very intrigued and decided to make one myself... so I dug through my stash of cast off fabrics and came across a pillow case that I thought would be perfect.... actually from a standard size pillowcase I was able to cut out 3 of these smocks.

The wee little pocket gave me fits so I decided to not use the bias tape on it. Using tiny bias tape is quite the challenge when you are dependent on old lady reader glasses! lol!.

I sergered the entire apron first and then added the binding.... all said and done it turned out well,,,, it did require a lot of fussy stitching but now I can chalk off 'Baby Smock~Pinnie' from my 'To-Do' list! lol!


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