Monday, December 2, 2013

Walkie Talkie or Early Cell Phone?

So while putting away some stuff in my sewing room I came across this pattern... I had to stop and take a second look...
So what do you think? Walkie Talkie or Cell phone?   I do remember the early portable cell phones, and they looked like this.... just thought it cute... after all, how often did you wear a robe & PJ's while talking on a walkie talkie... on the flip side, yep, cell phones can be worn while in ones PJ's...  lol!


  1. LOL! My kids loved walkie talkies! We even had "adult" ones when we went to large outdoor parks and split up. Yep. Didn't use them in my jammies, ha ha!

  2. Probably walkie talkie back in the day.
    I was in Ritzville where my eldest lives on her husbands family ranch. Huge. 650 cows with calves and 32 bulls---we had a blast. Always do over there. This time we were house sitting so they could get away. Her blog is take a peek and enjoy.


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