Thursday, March 23, 2017

Should be Cleaning,,, buttt....

I should be cleaning off my sewing table,,, but once again, got side tracked... and whipped up this..
  lil mini apron,,, from some left over pieces of fabric....
sketched up the idea,,, cut, sewed and Voila'  a lil mini to go out into my Serro Scotty trailer.
I love quick projects,,, but I really should get back to my sewing room and clean up!!!
Hmmm,, maybe tomorrow!!! lol!


  1. Too cute! Is that for your apron banner? I'm really into mini projects as they are fast and less expensive. Fabric is pricey these days so the more you can make use of the scraps, leftovers and recycled the better off you are! I started crocheting Easter eggs today....yeah....I know....I should be cleaning too! LOL! Happy Sewing!

    1. S.I.A.,,, yep,,, gonna make a banner of minis for my trailer.. can never have enough!
      I wish I could crochet,,, I found all kinds of cute crochet mini apron patterns..

  2. Cleaning must always take a back seat to creative endeavors!


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