Saturday, October 4, 2008

An Evening at the German~American Club

Meri, Evan & Gary

Grace & Meri

Grace, Janet, Judy & Meri

Well tonight was my night to cook again for
the German~
American club...this time I made Jager Schnitzel with the help of my family.
The menu consisted of a creamy hunter sauce over buttered noodles & a pork cutlet, beets, green salad, kaiser roll and for dessert, gingerbread with a strussel drizzle, mint leaf & topped w/whip cream. oh Yum! My daughter, Meri and her husband were on salad & dessert detail. My hubby was on onion & garlic chopping detail and I was the Jager Sauce! We make a great team. All & all it is always fun to cook for such a large crowd but in tonight's case I was able to take time out and dance,,,my favorite, the Chicken Dance! Funny, the men folk never want to dance to the Chicken Dance song so we ladies just get up there and have a blast!... I still had my apron on,,,Poor Judy, I snagged her onto the dance floor, but she is such a good sport and she never complained about my singing off key either, Thanx mucho Judy. After all was said and done and the evening wound down I was able to relax with a nice snifter of warm Amaretto & Creame,,,,oh yum! perfect for capping off a wonderful dinner.

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  1. Katmom....I love your BLOG..I just started one yesterday and now I wonder why? I don't have NEARLY as interesting a life as most of the other bloggers I know...oh well...we'll see how I do! I love your trailer, your pictures of your time last night at the German/American Club! That looked like fun and what great food! I used to go up to Milwaukee, WI and partake in some of that great German food years ago! YUMMO!
    Thanks for sharing! And I am going to make pillowcases too!


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