Friday, October 17, 2008

WSQ Quilt Show 2008

Ok, so today I had the good pleasure of volunteering and working at the Washington State Quilt Show here in Spokane Valley. It is a 3-day event that is put on buy WSQ every year. Talented quilters put their quilts on display for quilt lovers like myself to see and enjoy.

I am just in awe of all the talented quilters that have their quilts on display. I wish I had a fraction of their talents and skills.

I am posting a few pictures of quilts because of their interesting techniques. The one reminds me of the Dresden Plate design but done with hearts. I also love the Cherry quilt with the dimensional leaves and of course the simple stitch work done in reds & blues.(Red Work).

I hope to someday be able to step out of my 'comfort zone' and try my hand at stitching one of these lovely quilts but for now will just continue to be in awe of them.
As always, you can 'click' on the pictures to get a closer look. Enjoy.


  1. Grace,

    How lucky you were to work the Quilt Show. What great quilts. Afraid to quilt - ha - you need to just get your fabric stash out and get busy with a quilt - they are sew easy - if I can make a quilt top - then sew can you!! Pick up a "Take 5" or "Yellow Brick Road" pattern and get busy!! You will have a great time!.



  2. Oh Grace, you are so funny! With the talents you have been blessed with, YOU CAN MAKE A QUILT! You go girl! You have been inspired, now go for it!

    Gracie, I ate off your Tickled Pink Veronware when I was there! You, Gary and I sat at your table, eating a German dish you made (which was so good) and looked out the window to the beautiful view from your backyard! And YES, oh my, your hutch was filled to the brim with Tickled Pink! Gary had the honor of showing me! I will be on the hunt for a few more pieces! They are hard to find! When I was growing up we lived close to Vernon, CA where they made all the dinnerware. My Mother had the "Mayflower" Vernonware. That pattern brings back sweet memories!

    Thinking of you and I do think of you when I look at my little Tickled Pink serving dish!



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