Saturday, October 25, 2008

Farm Girls Invade Rosalia WA. News @ 11

(left to right, top to bottom) AmyGrace, Michelle, Brenda, Karin, Grace & Renee
OK,,,, so what do you get when you combine a small town community event, a handful of girlfriends (with credit cards) and a beautiful day???

You get a day filled with non-stop chatting & shopping and fun!

Today was such a day when a bunch of gals who all met through the MaryJanes Farmgirl forum all converged on the quaint little town of Rosalia Washington, population 647.

Brenda (pastblessings) and I started the day off with breakfast at "Chaps" in the town of Cheney and then headed out to Rosalia where we met up with Karin from Cheney and then Michell(huckleberrywine) who gave us a delightful tour of the town. We found our way to some fun shops & did what we do best,,,,we Shopped! Then we met up with Amy Grace, Tanya, Amanda, and of course Renee and our very own farm girl leader, MaryJane Butters. The Mayor of Rosalia was so sweet and agreeable to take this group photo of us.

I have to say, it truly was a step back in time, walking through this sweet town. I am so glad Michell invited us in for the day to see her little community of Rosalia.

Thanx for the lovely day Michell. We'll be back!

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  1. Hi, Grace, we sure did have a good time. The pic turned out cute. I should get mine done also. Your jean apron is so clever, so smart. You have a talent for seeing something and figuring out just how to create something cute from it. I can tell. See you soon. Karen in Cheney


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